Your Tree Trimming Needs

Xtreme Tree Service is your Palm Beach County full service Tree trimming, Tree Removal and Stump Grinding company.

With us being in the middle of hurricane season, tree trimming and tree removal are two things that you should always keep in mind, it could end up saving you on costly repairs due to falling trees or flying debris. While trees that are strong with a deep root structure may be okay through a hurricane, they might still pose a threat due to loose or damaged limbs that might not be able to withstand the strong winds, resulting in dangerous and potentially damaging projectiles.  If you feel your trees might need some pruning, do not hesitate to contact Xtreme Tree Service.

  • Tree Trimming Jupiter
  • Tree Trimming Palm Beach Gardens

Regular tree pruning carried out by a professional company like Xtreme Tree Service can help create a strong tree with good framework spacing of the healthy branches, creating an open canopy that will facilitate the wind to flow through the tree.

If you have any of the following trees on your property, it could be reason for concern:

  • Trees with very dense canopies
  • Tree that are dead or dying
  • New tree plantings.

There are a number of other benefits to tree trimming that you should consider too, some of those are:

  • removal of damaged or dead branches reduces the risk of fungi infection and results in healthier trees.
  • falling branch risk is reduced
  • better appearance

If any of the above are issues you face, or if you would like us to review the trees on your property to see if they need tree trimming or tree removal, feel free to reach out to Xtreme Tree Service, we serve Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta and the surrounding areas. Are you looking for tree trimming service in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta and the surrounding areas.

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