Xtreme Tree Service is a tree trimming and tree removal company in South Florida. We’re licensed and insured to handle any tree situation.

Austyn Roth, our president and owner of Lucky Landscaping, recognized that there was a need for a tree trimming and tree removal company in 2016.
Hurricane Matthew hit the area and left a lot of down trees and branches. Austyn’s landscaping company, Lucky Landscaping, lent a hand in the storm’s clean-up. That’s when Austyn realized the need for a professional tree company.

There are a lot of uninsured, unlicensed, and uncertified contractors in the area that may have only a chainsaw.

You’re taking a tremendous risk by hiring them.
Sure, these contractors are cheap. And yet, what do you do when the tree that a contractor is working on drops a couple of big branches on your neighbor’s swimming pool?
You’ve just opened yourself up to a financial mess.
Instead, you need to hire us at Extreme Tree Service because:

  • We’re licensed and insured to protect you and us
  • We have a certified arborist on staff
  • When you combine our team, you’ll see that we have 20+ years of experience in tree trimming and tree removal services
  • We are competitively priced.


Xtreme Tree Service, you can count on us keeping you up to date on news in the tree trimming and tree removal industry.

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